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Meet: Jessica Khouzami


Jessica Khouzami, is a Dubai-based Interior Architect, with a passion for design. Having grown up in the UAE, Jessica developed not only analytical thinking but also vivid imagination and innovation. She chose architecture as her path as it combined both of her passions - creativity and logic, which she believes are the main virtues of a good designer and architect.

Every project she has designed is unique yet has that signature Jessica touch. The spaces she designs tell stories through materials, forms, lighting and textures.

For the Art of Pop, Jessica invites us into her home that is a cool mix of contemporary and POP. Concrete textures combined with bright Modern Art prints and totally quirky objects make her home one that has inspired Tanagra for the Art of Pop.

We sat down with Jessica to get to know a little bit more about her, her style and inspiration!

Tell us about yourself and your passion for interior Architecture:           

As Mark Anthony quotes “If you do what you love , you’ll never work a day in your life “ – 

It all started when I went into Interior Architecture in Lebanon at the Académie Lebanese des Beaux Arts where I graduated with a bachelor and a master degree.

               Interior architecture and design have always been my passion. For me, design reflects a person’s personality, lifestyle and experiences. Every project I have designed is unique and has a story to tell. I love working with spaces, materials, forms , lighting and textures , in order to come up with the best designs. 

               From the smallest to my largest projects, my energy and dedication remain unwaived. I thrive for perfection in every aspect of my work.

               Starting off my career in the place I call home: the UAE, the vision and goal I have for myself is to be a unique and well reputed interior architect in the Middle East. 

               After a year and a half of being a consultant interior Architect at RODA hotels, I decided that I was going to take my own path as an interior architect and establish an interior’s company under the umbrella of the family business “Al Thuriah Group. While I believe everything happens at the right time, it was at that moment that I felt was right for me to start my career the way I had always dreamt it would be. 

                 I was confident and committed enough that I was capable of taking on more responsibilities and making important decisions, despite the long hours and pressure that comes along . 

                 As the world of art evolves daily with new designs and trends being curated worldwide, it offers me the opportunity to create , innovate and think outside the box in every project I work on . 

Which is your favorite product from the selection you made:              

Jonathan Adler and L’objet are amongst my favorite brands for Home décor! Anything from Jonathan Adler is a solid YES for me.

Decorative items are what makes an interior space beautiful and unique. I always say “it is all in details”, an interior would incomplete without accessories and decorations. 

My favorite products are mainly The Guest designed by Ricardo Cauolo for Lladro,  The Rainbow Collection from Jonathan Adler, the L’Objet X Haas Brothers Collection and the Timna Mug by L’Objet . 

I find these pieces special. They fit in the styles of interior I like, which are mainly contemporary, urban and minimalistic designs.  Each piece is completely different, yet all of them are modern and funky in their own way. 

Tell us about your experience shooting this campaign with Tanagra :              

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been a big fan of Tanagra. Growing up in the middle east, Tanagra was well known to be the place to buy ultimate luxury pieces, gifts and decorative pieces. 

It is a privilege to have shot this campaign with Tanagra. The team of people I worked with were very professional, passionate and dedicated. 

Throughout the shoot, I worked closely with the team to create and to perfectionize the placement, display and scheme, in order to showcase the products at their upmost beauty .  

It was fun creating different setups with the products I’ve selected from Tanagra. We had to play with the natural sunlight, the lighting of the space, the existing concrete walls and modern black shelves in order to take the best shots.

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